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In VONK, four musicians and a composer collaborate on new productions. The ensemble has a strong sound of its own due to its original lineup of soprano, saxophones, clarinets and percussion. Open-minded and groundbreaking, the ensemble has been building new repertoire since its founding in 2015. VONK commissions composers and collaborates with theater producers and writers. By now, 40 compositions have been commissioned by the ensemble. VONK has been heard at Transit Festival (BE) and Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (GB), November Music, Muziektheaterdagen Amsterdam, Cross-Linx, Gaudeamus Music Week and the Grachtenfestival, among others. The highlight in 2020 was the music theater performance GROND in co-production with Het Zuidelijk Toneel and Tilt. In 2021, VONK played in Tivoli Vredenburg as Award Ensemble for Gaudeamus.
In December 2022, the album A songbook of rare feelings was released by SONNA Records. The album includes eight art songs (combination music and literature) with lyrics written especially for the album by Lucky Fonz III, Hanneke Last, British-Zambian poet Kayo Chingonyi and the British writer Nancy Campbell. Composers Kate Moore, Morris Kliphuis, Remy Alexander and Nicoline Soeter signed for the music. VONK was recently a guest on the NTR television program Podium Klassiek. Since its release, A songbook of rare feelings has been heard on Podium op Zaterdag, NTR Radio 4, De Ochtend van 4 on NPO Klassiek and VPRO Vrije Geluiden.

Volkskrant **** 6.01.2023: “
De parel van dit album is I disappear. De componist Kate Moore schreef het lied op een gedicht van singer-songwriter Lucky Fonz III. Rianne Wilbers begint solo, maar vanaf het tweede couplet zweven rond haar stem mysterieuze blazerstonen. Hoe die uiteindelijk in de geest van de tekst uitdoven: subliem.”

NRC, 30.08.2021: “Hoogtepunt was de ‘bonustrack’ Speech is mine van Morris Kliphuis, waarin een virtuoos zangmotief live gemonteerd werd, alsof het een sample was. Ook de geweldige instrumentalisten van Vonk ondergingen zo’n behandeling, wat resulteerde in een originele en gelaagde groove.”

NRC, 11.03.2020: “Soeter is op haar best in klankvelden van de
gruizige soort. Denk: ruisende elektronica en aangeschraapte remschijven
als achtergrond voor de aanzwellende gitaar van Pete Harden en de
scheurende sax van Tom Sanderman. Als kiezel- en zandgrond een klank
zouden hebben, dan deze.”

Percussionist Reggy van Bakel has a great sense of visual spectacle and a strong preference for contemporary repertoire. In addition to VONK, he is involved in VanDryver and Cast Glass. Reggy played as a freelancer with, among others, Slagwerk Den Haag, Het Zuidelijk Toneel and Het Balletorkest. In 2018, Reggy set up the electro-acoustic ensemble DOTT, with which he, as a composer, wants to reinforce his feelings about various social themes in a new musical experience. DOTT, consisting of wind players, strings and synthesizers, offers him an extensive sound palette that he fuses experimentally into a dreamy and cinematic whole. Repetitive rhythmic and melodic layers sometimes form abstract, but above all flowing forms that, supported by visuals, bring his world of experience to life.

website: dott-universe.com

Erwin Muller

Erwin Muller is a chamber musician in heart and soul. He studied clarinet and chamber music in Ghent and Tilburg. In Belgium, Erwin plays in the wind quintet Venturi, with which he pioneers Belgian creations and rediscoveries. With Venturi he develops programs in the field of music theater, youth performances, interdisciplinary performances with different themes. They were programmed at the Flanders Festival. In the Netherlands, Erwin was involved in FC Jongbloed and TEMKO projects, including Aart Strootman and Ramon Lormans. With TEMKO he was featured in the Free Sounds program.

Tom Sanderman

 As a champion of contemporary music, saxophonist Tom Sanderman worked closely with various composers. In addition, he commissioned the writing of new work—world premieres that he performed in concerts and recordings. His second solo album was released in October 2019. Whoever You are Come Forth, featuring new works by Kate Moore, Aart Strootman Anthony Fiumara and Remy Alexander. The NRC gave a favorable review of this album and wrote: ''Sanderman combines technical precision playing with cool distance and takes you on a softly grooving soaring flight.''
In addition to VONK, Tom plays in the Herz ensemble of Kate Moore and the Dutch Saxophone Octet and he was a guest player with ensembles such as Temko and Bang on a Can.

Nicoline Soeter

Nicoline Soeter componeert hedendaagse muziek voor akoestische en elektronisch versterkte instrumenten. Haar composities zijn bijzonder fantasierijk in klank; kenmerken zich door originele vondsten in samenklank en instrumentkeuze. Recent componeerde Nicoline Soeter nieuwe werken voor Nieuw Amsterdams Peil (NAP), sopraan Juliet Fraser & Explore Ensemble (opdracht November Music) en mezzo-sopraan Barbara Kozelj. In Ensemble VONK, werkt ze als componiste en artistiek leider direct samen met de musici of als co-creator in een productie met andere componisten en theatermakers. Eerder schreef ze composities voor o.a. Erik Bosgraaf, Heleen Hulst en An Raskin, Toeac en Klaartje van Veldhoven, Tiptoe Company en Ensemble 306. Ze werkte samen met
regisseurs Annechien Koerselman en Robin Coops en werd gecoached door
Joep van der Geest bij de voorstelling GROND, een coproductie van
Ensemble VONK & Het Zuidelijk Toneel.

website: nicolinesoeter.nl

Rianne Wilbers

Soprano Rianne Wilbers is a musician who likes to take on challenges. She is widely praised for her artistic vision, her bravado and perseverance. As an ambassador and pioneer of contemporary music, Rianne enjoys working with living composers. She regularly premieres new work and collaborated closely with contemporaries such as Aart Strootman, Anthony Fiumara, Mayke Nas and Merijn Bisschops. Rianne was one of the singers in the great music performance 'Homo Instrumentalis' by Silbersee. In 2019 she was selected as a young talent at Music Hub Brabant. On the occasion of the world premiere at the Rotterdam Opera Days of the chamber opera Le Vie et mort d'Érard by R. de Raaff, Trouw wrote: “All praise to Rianne Wilbers, who carried the opera with vocal mastery and great expression.”

website: riannewilbers.nl


27 October 2023
20:30 uur

The Ming Passion tryout

28 October 2023
20:30 uur

The Ming Passion tryout

29 October 2023
20:30 uur

The Ming Passion tryout

12 November 2023
11:00 uur

Compose It

November Music
4 February 2024
20:00 uur

A songbook of rare feelings

City of Wesopa - Weesp
27 March 2024
20:30 uur

The Ming Passion première

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