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City composer Tilburg

City composer Mathijs Leeuwis wrote a composition for Moerenburg. Put on your headphones and take a walk in this urban mirage. You will notice that nothing is what it seems.

A composition made with sounds from nature and landscape area Moerenburg and by ensemble VONK, the ensemble in residence of the Stadscomponist Tilburg. Mathijs Leeuwis was shown around the area by urban ecologist Gert Brunink and did his own research. He has made a piece that blends in with the environment. Music that changes just like our environment and in which a start or end point is difficult to pinpoint. Call it music that does not necessarily have the primary function of being listened to, but is mainly subordinate to and in the service of a greater experience, and with that it is perhaps music that does not want to be heard, but music that asks for eyes. Eyes that look at the world with a small list and dare to recognize beauty where dirt rears its head.

Bring your smartphone and headphones to Moerenburg, scan the QR code on the board at café Zomerlust and get lost. Or listen on www.delink.nl