Wunderkammer MUSIC THEATRE

Five musicians and an actress move in and around five wooden showcases. A living sound installation that also includes the inner world, museum, workshop or public space.

Music theatre, inspired by a 17th century cabinet of curiosities by Frederik Ruysch, professor of anatomy, zoologist and botanist in Amsterdam. In cabinets of curiosities they collected insects, gemstones, exotic plants and anatomical objects. They were not only the first incitements to museums, but also laboratories for scientific research. It is that combination that becomes poetic in Wunderkammer.

Wunderkammer is a performance about wonder, about curiosity as a driving force. The character in Wunderkammer collects ideas. As actress Nina Willems puts it in the performance: ‘Ideas are like resources. An infinite supply. The only stock that won’t be exhausted if more people use it.’ The music is sometimes a vivid, imaginative representation of the cabinets of curiosities, sometimes an undulating undercurrent.